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Book on Hold January 4, 2010

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Some dreams need to be put on hold, it seems…

While doing the research for my book proposal, and meeting various people from the industry, the feedback I got was that my dream book was going to more than difficult to publish. Since I am relatively unknown and not a subject matter expert, I was advised to develop a larger body of work and a following before trying to pitch this. In addition, the book is coming at the heels of many other “momoir” type books and I would need to differentiate it more than currently for it to get picked up. And while I had considered self-publishing, I think the same recommendations would still apply to the marketing aspect of that.

I’m still very motivated to produce work that validates, empowers and connects mothers through their sharing of real life experiences, but I’ve been humbled by this process and need to do some serious rethinking at this point.

I thank everyone who has submitted to me (feedback on your pieces is in your mail if you asked for it) and everyone who has supported me. This is not the end of my mama-writing, so I will keep you posted on the next evolution of this idea.

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Submissions Received November 16, 2009

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Thanks to everyone who submitted something for Real Mamas: On New Motherhood. I’ll be reviewing and getting back to you as soon as I can with a response and ideas for any revisions if necessary. In the meantime, am trying to determine the best route to pursue publishing-wise and will be keeping you up to date. If you are still interested in submitted, please email me and I can let you know what gaps I may still have. This is co-creation at its best!


One Month to Go October 16, 2009

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There is one month to go before the submission deadline of November 15. I’ve already received some great pieces and am starting to work with some fabulous mama-writers. My hope for the 15th is to get the bulk of submissions in so I’ll really be able to shape the book. After that, if I determine there are gaps or additional work needed, I will be sure to post again. So, be sure to let me know if you are working on an idea. Some of you have also asked if you can submit more than one piece, and I won’t know that until I see where we are at in November. My intention is to get back to everyone by the end of the year. In the meantime, I am happy to receive questions and submissions at any time.


Co-creation September 19, 2009

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I truly want this book to be a co-creation of all the mothers who submit and get involved with this work. Indulging my new age beliefs, I hope to attract like-minded moms who want to share their stories, bare witness to their experiences, and express themselves in this way. I’ve always wanted to publish a book, but the idea of doing it as a co-creation is what has spurred me to make this happen. As questions and stories start to come in, I find the momentum only growing stronger as this becomes bigger than me.


Publisher? September 7, 2009

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I’ve gotten a couple people asking if I have a publisher. Well, the answer is no, and yes. The short version of this is no, I’ve not approached a publisher yet, but even if no one picks this up, I will self-publish. The long version of this answer is that I am very determined to see this book become reality. It has become more than a creative writing project – it’s a mission – to bring women together to share their realities of motherhood and co-create this work together. This Fall, as I await the many submissions to come to me, and start to see the shape that the book may take, I will be finishing the book proposal and starting to hit up agents and publishers. I believe strongly that I can identify the market gap for them and help them see my vision for Real Mama Stories! And if that doesn’t happen, I have a designer and printer and financing lined up to publish it myself.


Released the Call for Submissions September 3, 2009

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In the midst of a busy time in my work-life, I decided to go ahead and release the call for submissions for stories. I have posted on and Facebook and will continue spreading the word. Appreciate you forwarding to any Real Mamas out there you know who might want to share their tales for this book. ~ Liesl


Welcome to Realmamas August 22, 2009

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Welcome to the Realmamas site which chronicles a book in development and journey begun – to celebrate and bear witness to Real Mama Stories.